Autumn is coming soon

Store your tires, BBQ, patio chairs, children’s outdoor toys, bicycles and other items! By putting in a plastic shelf, you can also store smaller items.
Spring approaches, it’ s time for the scraper, the salt boiler, the sled, etc. to hang in the shelter!

Easy to handle

The extensible section is mounted on wheels. Its movement requires minimal effort. Shock absorbers installed on each side of the door make it easier to open and close.


The lockable garage handle is the configuration used to secure the contents of the garage. A bolt bar is used when the garage is in full extension to block the removable section.


4 brackets are fastened to the base of the fixed section of the garage. These fittings are already drilled and are designed for floor mounting. For wall mounting, the bottom has 4 holes to strengthen the structure.

Summer and winter alike

The structure is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures we have in Quebec. During the winter, make sure you have snow-cleared access to the door if you store items used on a daily basis!

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