Where did the idea come from?

Every construction site worker uses several different tools to perform their daily tasks. At the end of a shift, most workers leave the site with a packed trunk, full of heavy tools. That’s why I came up with the idea of creating a secured storage unit that could remain on site. This mini-warehouse would allow for storage of trunks and site equipment.
After several sketches, I moved on to producing a full-sized demo version. That’s how the “BOX Compact Garage” came into being! I soon came to the realization that there were many more ways in which people could use this storage space: motorcycles, lawnmowers, sports equipment, etc.

Jean-François Ouellet, co-owner

Mission Statement

To offer a practical, solid and secure garage for the outdoor storage of your belongings.


To be North America’s outdoor storage solution, geared towards your needs.


At Compact Garage, we prioritize in a product:
Innovation – Durability – Safety – Canadian Manufacture

To guarantee the satisfaction of our customers!