Terms of purchase and confidentiality

Order Form

To order a product, please use our “online order form” by filling in all the required fields. Upon receipt of this email, we will contact you to complete the purchase and delivery details. There is a 24 to 48 hour delay for the purchase to be finalized. After the final payment has been received, we will confirm the delivery time.

Please note that sending your order by email is not secure. It is not recommended to include your credit card or other secure information.

Confidentiality, information and/or complaints

We collect your personal information for billing and shipping purposes. These will not be used for any other purpose, but will be kept in your personal file in a secure manner. If you have any complaints or are not satisfied with your experience, please contact us at info@garagecompact.com.

Product availability

Compact garage holds some units in stock. However, the availability of these products is not guaranteed and the company can not be held responsible in the event of a stock shortage. Upon ordering, you will be notified before payment of the availability of the product.


Accepted payment methods: Interac transfer (direct deposit), Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. No payment by check will be accepted.

Billing period: Payable before delivery.
Fees: All applicable taxes will be included on the product invoice as well as the shipping invoice. The GST and QST tax numbers are indicated at the bottom of the invoice.

Delivery terms and conditions

Please be present when the product is delivered. Compact garage pledges to meet the proposed deadline upon purchasing the product. This product will be delivered in working order.

Refund and return policy

If the delivery conditions are not respected, Compact garage will make a complete follow-up of the issue at hand. Based on the conclusion of this review, an agreement will be reached with the buyer. If it is proven that the delivery conditions have not been respected by the seller, Compact garage will take back the product at its expense. If, on the other hand, the customer has not complied with the recommendations concerning the delivery of the product and decides to refuse to accept the goods. The return costs will be charged to them.

Compact Garage’s Responsibilities

To provide phone assistance in case of problems or questions. To manage the entire online ordering process, including customer service, returns and refunds.